How can you block USB Port of your computer or Laptop?

Friends, today I will discuss some issues related to computer hardware that every computer user needs to know. So let’s start the discussion by not raising the word.
1) How many days ago on your computer have Windows been given?
Hi friends, I want to tell you now that we did not even know how long or how long we had been on our computer, but we could easily find that information.
What to do?
First, run the Run option on your computer or hold down the Windows key from the keyboard, press R and then press the CMD and press Enter, then enter the System Info, then press Enter again, notice that many things about your computer Here you can see what you’ve been looking for so long, to see where your computer was last installed or how long it was installed. Keep a look at the Original Install Date, which has the answer to your intended question on the right.
2) How to reduce the computer’s USB port?
Friends, I will show how to blog about the USB ports on our computer so that no one can use a pendrev.
How do you do?
First click on the right mouse button on your computer’s My Computer icon and then click on there, there is an option called Manage, then from the option that comes, click Device Manager, now you see the many options on the right side to come down from there. See the Universal Serial Bus controllers by clicking on it twice, now you see that there are several options that have the option of USB Root, Your computer’s USB Port.
This will be seen again until the next post today expressed the hope that instead of good-bye.

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